Casing & Tubing Pipes

Casing & Tubing Pipes özellikleri ve kullanım yerleri nelerdir?

Petroleum,  Natural Gas and Geothermal Drill Pipes

Casing pipes are large scaled pipes which are used in drilling wells to extract petroleum, natural gas, hot water, vapour, groundwaters, salt and similar solid materials stored underground.

These pipes are mostly manufactured with the steel grades H40, J55, K55, N80-Q, M65, L80, C90, C95, T95, P110 and Q125 acc to API 5CT and outside diameter between 4 ½” (114,3 mm) to 20” (508 mm). Casing pipes splice together screwing on by couplings and take down in the well just like the other well pipes. There are three types of thread at casing pipes subject to API 5CT, these are STC (Short Thread Casing), LTC (Long Thread Casing) and BTC (Buttress Thread Casing) and produced acc to API 5B.

Tubing pipes are smaller scalled pipes also called production pipes which are take down the well in casing pipes when reach to the stored materials which targeted to bring to surface.  They are mostly used with outside diameter between 1,05” (Ø26,7 mm) to 4-1/2” (Ø114,3 mm). The same steel grades with casing pipes can be used for these pipes.

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