Butt Weld Reducer

Butt weld Reducer and their applications;

Butt weld fittings offer various advantages over other fittings. Butt weld causes less material usage, which means lower material cost and lower weight. Also it permits greater freedom in designing the layout, less space, but greater strength.

Reducers can connect different pipes used inside a pipeline. Reductions are produced concentrically and eccentrically. Concentric Reducers are the most widely used type.

Milfit Boru is increasing our seamless steel tee production and stock capacity every day in line with the demands and needs of our valued customers.


Butt weld reducer and their applications;

Butt weld fittings can be used in a wide variety of industries to alter, divide or end the flow of fluids. Butt weld reducers are used in many areas, including the following areas:


  • Oil and gas industries
  • Shipyards ( Shipbuilding )
  • Power Plants
  • Food Factories
  • Boiler Installations
  • Chemical Processing
  • Steel Processing


  • Standart: ASME B16.9, EN 10253-1/ EN 10253-2 / DIN 2616 Reducer
  • Malzeme: ST 35.8 – 37 – 44 – ASTM A234 WPA  – WPB – S235/ P235 – S265 / P265 Reducer
  • Sıcaklık: -30° to 425°
  • Yüzey: Black paint / Protective oil / Galvanized/ Sandblasted / Bare surface Reducer

Wall Thickness of Butt Weld Reducer : SCH STD – SCH 20 – SCH 40 – SCH 80 – SCH XS – SCH XXS – EN NORMS

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